“Inspirational Results”

“It is my pleasure to participate in the DRIVE influenza vaccination practice-based quality improvement programs of the Center for Sustainable Health Care and Equity. DRIVE builds enthusiasm within health care teams around the prevention of illness and mortality related to influenza and the results we are seeing are inspirational.”

John H. O’Neill, Jr., DO
Internal Medicine
Christiana Care Health System



“Dedicated Team”

“This working group, with a variety of stakeholders from patient advocacy organizations to industry to academics to government, has been instrumental in publishing best practices which will enable hospitals, clinics, and clinicians across the country to address the needs of diverse patients as they execute clinical trials. We are pleased to work with such a dedicated team and look forward to our continued collaboration to improve cancer care across the entire continuum of care.”

Luther Clark, MD and Michelle Vichnin, MD

“We are thankful”

SHC has provided the resources and skills to help our FQHC to meet our goals of protecting our patients from influenza.  They are great mentors and partners, honoring all of our clinicians and staff in our shared goal of helping our patients.”

Before working with SHC we plateaued in our ability to vaccinate against the flu. The resources and skills SHC provided allowed us to once again increase our vaccination coverage of patients. We are thankful for their support in this shared fight.

Helen Arteaga
Assistant Vice President
Plaza Del Sol


“SHC has been a delight”

“SHC has been a delight to work with on a number of quality improvement projects. The innovative thinking and proactive modeling and method designing really stands out in my research endeavors. The leadership of Dr. Hall is remarkable. Her focus balances optimizing outcomes for patients, process and providers in excellent form.”

Gregory A. Hood