Naomi Oledibe, PMP

Public Health Junior Program Coordinator

Naomi Oledibe is a Public Health Junior Program Coordinator at Sustainably Healthy  Communities, LLC (SHC), supporting quality improvement and educational programming, coordinating the development and maintenance of health and social determinants via Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program outputs. In this role, Naomi also supports website management, social media engagement, and the many SHC working group projects, with a focus on the immunization improvement programs, all of which are intended to improve the quality of health for minority groups.

Naomi joined SHC after her time at Health Equity Initiative (HEI) as a Project Coordinator in New York, working to organize conferences and webinars relating to the promoting of health equity in underserved communities. Naomi also has experience working on projects aiding the United Nations’ SDG2 goal, zero world hunger, from her time at the International Fund for Agricultural   Development (IFAD) as an Administrative Assistant, where she supported a successful and still standing partnership between IFAD and Mars. Inc.

Naomi has a BS degree in Health Science from Boston University.