DRIVE – Demonstrating Real Improvement Value in Equity

Promoting Health In Diverse Communities
Through Data Analytics And Education

SHC provides education and support to primary care teams and community organizations in underserved communities around the nation.


SHC has adapted the rapid cycle improvement or PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) approach to quality improvement (QI) by enhancing its focus on the patient and community, engagement of the whole clinical team, and celebrating the clinicians who work so hard to care for us.  Importantly, we provide examples of QI projects that have been implemented and shown to promote quality and equity.

SHC’s DRIVE approach adheres to the following principles:

  • Patient-centered, engaging patients and community leaders in program and treatment planning as well as educational activities;
  • Team-based, with all members of the practice team, included to create efficiencies in care, avoid burn-out, and tap into the strong motivation held by all to take good care of patients;
  • Local champion-driven, from the clinic and community promoting sustainable improvement;
  • Data-directed guided NMQF’s state-of-the-art health geographic information system (GIS) along with clinical chart and survey data; and
  • Collaborative, partnering with patient advocates, health systems, researchers, and innovation company partners.

To learn more about SHC QIE see: SHC QIE One Pager (pdf)

Any clinical team can access for free the DRIVE/QI modules on our website.

Currently, we have the following QI Toolkits:
DRIVE Toolkit Website
Flu Vaccination Toolkit
Diabetes Toolkit
Atrial Fibrilation


SHC has focused on poorly controlled diabetes in people of color from the beginning, given the increased prevalence in Black and Brown populations and poorer access to treatment and outcomes.  Working with leaders across the country we have formed The Diabetes Working Group and Equity Task Force (DWG) to identify opportunities for promoting diabetes equity and implementing the strategies.

Please see (Under Construction): Diabetes Working Group

Getting the perspective of people of color with diabetes has been an important part of developing our strategy to promote diabetes equity.

Diabetes Town Hall Infographic

See the results of a focus group, which highlights the difficulties of managing diabetes, at: Diabetes Working Group


Champions in New Orleans, LA and Queens, NY have implemented programs that provide diabetes self-management education to people with poorly controlled diabetes and access to healthy food.  See our project objectives: