Cancer Working Group

Among diverse groups and medically underserved populations, cancer is diagnosed at a later stage and treatment outcomes are worse than average. The ability of any individual stakeholder group to change the system or even sustainably affect cancer care at any one point along the continuum is remote. The sustainable impact will require engaging patients, caregivers, providers, industry, and communities, as has been shown in pilot and programs are driven by experts across the US.

The goal of the Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group ( CWG) is to continue to move beyond examination and the analysis of health inequities to delivering solutions that address them in communities with sustainability. Creating awareness of the problems and solutions at each step along the continuum of cancer care helps stakeholders consider how well they are serving patients in the context of the entire cancer experience. Unless patients can move along the continuum in a way that is patient-centric, tailored for them and respectful of their values and priorities, their care will be suboptimal, and health outcomes will suffer. We cannot afford to ignore this inequity when today’s research enterprise is so robust and is laying the foundation of paradigm-shifting precision medicine, especially in cancer. We will continue to address the factors contributing to research disparities, and importantly, examining our Cancer Index as a working group to develop an evidence-based and patient- and community-centric approaches to successfully engage diverse populations in community research with our partners.

Our call to action:

Deliver high quality, high impact, sustainable practices throughout the cancer continuum of care for racial and ethnic minority and medically underserved cancer patients which control health outcomes in high-risk US communities.

The membership of the working group includes experts and stakeholder representatives from industry, academia, and professional and patient membership groups. See our infographic that describes our areas of focus and our current membership.


Members of the Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group (pdf Link)

Promoting Equity in Cancer Outcomes (pdf Link)


CWG’s four subcommittees will focus on each of the following goals:

  • Establish an actionable CWG Cancer “Pro” Index for use by CWG and other stakeholders to accelerate cancer research and priority for community-engaged initiatives (including research).
  • Address cancer health equity-focused on QIE training of PCPs in high-risk communities by the implementation of SHC Quality Improvement and Education (QIE) model in multiple cancers.
  • Increase Diversity in Cancer Research by establishing impactful models and frameworks focused on cross-stakeholder precision medicine strategies informed by the cancer center of excellence insights.
  • Establish a Cancer Inclusion Network focused on contributions from the CWG, diversity and inclusion leaders, community leaders, clinical research leaders; continue to share and expose notable practices along the cancer continuum.